Dublin City Triathlon 24/08/08 Race Report

The Famous Irish Band ‘Bagatelle’ put it ‘’ I remember than Summer in Dublin, and the Liffey as it stunk like hell’’.
I am only joking it wasn’t that bad. Ironically with our rain drencehed summer the weather has been fantastic for all the triathlons I have done this this year with the exception of the Caroline Kearney in Lilliput. This swim was shortened to 1400m due to the strong current, it consisted 750m straight up stream turn and 700m downstream. I took off like a march hare for the first 350m and was wondering when the current would kick in I think I was second or third in the group at the time, and making the school boy errors that I always do, I decided to try and pass the guy in front and I started swim left into the middle of the liffey and into the strong currents I found myself on my own and in strong currents not a good combination. I faded very rapidly the last 200m to the turn and lost a lot of places. It was nice to turn the corner and swim downstream but I knew I still had 700m to swim but I did it and passed a few on the way. I clocked out around 33.33 not Gavin Noble standard but I was pretty pleased remembering that Triathlon is a race against yourself and your inner demons that ask you the question why are you doing this to yourself, only to find the answer when you cross the finish line and say because I love ‘Triathlon’.

Into T1 not to bad had a little trouble finding the bike. When I did thing fell into place and I mounted the bike without my wetsuit on ( Dave Seerys new aerodynamic Idea) an headed out to the unknown.

The bike consisted of 5, 8km loops of the Phoenix Park it was a beautiful cycle with plenty of hills and descents it was very technical and very hard to get any rhythm going. The usual for me I passed alot of stragglers and some pretty good cyclists and had a few head to heads along the way which I won must, and occasionally a Lance Armstrong would pass me. There was one or two very technical turns and thank god it was dry it would have been hard negotiating them with wet road surfaces, which were the best road surfaces I have raced on. At one particular turn was my very loyal fan club Eimear Andrew(Kit Boy) and Aaron they are always at my races encouraging and supporting me, and seem to have the knack of being in the right places at exactly the right times. Unfortunately some spectators never partake in Triathlon and realise how much this support helps and encourages me and every athlete during a race, myself and the Ironman Austria boys will need this support more than ever during 2009. On my last lap pushing hard but not too hard as I always dread the run dismounted my bike at 1.15:14.

I was nervous going into T2 as my legs were tired before the race and I was not looking forward to the run, so I took an extra 10 secs and took an energy bar an little bit of fluid a quick stretch on the thighs.

I was on my way for a cross country 10 km run surprisingly feeling very good, about 1km into the run I met and very steep hills which I tried my best to conquer but my legs couldn’t do it, every athlete ahead of me had to walk to it. Infuriated with myself for stopping, walking isn’t an option for me in a triathlon, again my inner demons were questioning me about doing this to my body, but I used this anger to run harder, I was at the 3km point when I was passed by an athlete, this was very good for me as I am usually passed way before this, by the finish line I was passed by 8 athletes and I passed 4 so I done a pretty good run. I finished the run in 47.55 again very good for me.

Once again after I finished all the burning in the legs and 185bpm heart rate, and after all the demons in my head were answered, I said to myself ‘ I love this sport’

Congratulations to Mick Macken with a smashing time of 2.05:22. Mick finished 34th overall and 1st in the veteran category, also a big well done goes Andrew McGuiness at a time of 2.29:41 and to Athlone native Wayne Reid of Midland Tri Club for finishing in a time of 1.57:09 and 11th overall.


Mick Macken: 2.05:22 34th

Conor Kelly: 2:38:39 250th

Andrew McGuiness: 2.29:41 182nd

Dublin Triathlon Participants: 399