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A background to our Club

 A very warm welcome to all our New Members and the many followers who have joined us!  Did you know that our club, here in the heart of the midlands, is around for almost 13 years now? Athlone Triathlon Club was established in 2008, when a small number of local athletes, who were training and racing as individuals, came together to form a club.  The club grew rapidly over the first few years, attracting a lot of newbies seeking to try out the sport of Triathlon; many of whom really took to it and are still involved with us today! We have tasted success many times over the years, with multiple members winning National Championship titles in their age groups, and success abroad in international competition. Our members have travelled worldwide to take part in amazing events such as World and European Championships, and grueling Ironman events.  We established a Junior section in the club, which is now entering it’s fourth year, and is continuing to grow strongly. Our amazing Junior athl

Mick’s Trip Down Memory Lane

Join us as Coach Mick takes a trip down memory lane to the inaugural days of Triathlon in Ireland and his recollections of the start of his love for the sport over 30 years ago. ⭐️  “Throwback to the 80’s, and a new crazy sport called triathlon was born. After a conversation between a long distance swimmer, cyclist and runner, each claiming that theirs was the toughest sport, they came up with the mad notion of doing them back to back, and so it happened.  It came to these shores with the first triathlon taking place in Skerries in 1983, and numbers participating grew quickly. Probably the biggest and most prestigious event on the Irish calendar, the NCF (North Connacht Farmers) sponsored All Ireland Triathlon took place in Rosses Point in Sligo from the mid 80’s. This was an absolute brilliant and amazing event, consisting of a 1.9k swim along the full length of Rosses Point strand, a 90k cycle around the foot of Benbulbin and through Yeats country, and finishing with a 21k run taking

Our 2020 Highlights ⭐️

Despite the unprecedented implications and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, at Athlone Triathlon Club, we look back on 2020 as an incredibly positive year in terms of our Club’s growth, achievements, unitedness, and comradery. Our club has emanated positive energy and encouragement, supported its members well-being both physically and mentally and maintained, promoted, and nurtured the Sport of Triathlon across all ages and abilities.  The spirit of our club has grown to new heights this year and we look to 2021 with unequivocal hope and determination. Join us as we take a look back at the year where we trained together while staying apart;  #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart #AthloneTriJuniorClub