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Sunday Spins

 They say Sunday is the best day of the week to reset and prepare for the new week ahead.  Today, that reset signaled a real attitude for gratitude and the return of our Sunday Spins - which as quoted by members was “faster, longer, harder with some dodgy gear and even better craic” - ideal return we say πŸ˜‚ This latest group training session returning, alongside our open water swim session this past weekend, has now meant that ATC are providing opportunities for our members to train safely together 5 times a week!! And we are buzzing about having that group dynamic and camaraderie back! πŸ’ͺ🏻 We are open for membership and here to answer any questions you may have about joining! DM us today!!! πŸ—£ Here’s to another great week ahead! πŸ€— #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub  #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub

πŸƒ‍♂️“I’d forgotten how good it feels to race”πŸƒ‍♀️

Week 1 of our ATC “Stay at Home Summer Duathlon Series” has certainly managed to inject a very welcome burst of effort, energy, motivation and vigour amongst our members! We’ve had a weekend of friendly competition, mutual support from club-mates and a buzz about “being back!”. So fantastic to see our members out doing what they do best, and feeling that adrenaline rush from a racing challenge.  Roll on event number 2! πŸƒ‍♂️πŸš΄πŸƒ‍♀️ #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub  #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub

Group cycles are back! πŸ₯³ 🚴 🚴 🚴

 “It’s great to get out for a spin with clubmates again!” #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub  #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub

Back on (the) Track

Our first outdoor training session together as a group in 2021 and it was a resounding vibe of positivity, reinvigoration and genuine gratitude for finally being able to come together as a club and train with coaches and clubmates face to face.  The banter was flying, that friendly sense of competitiveness was ever present, new members could finally meet the club faces behind that WhatsApp group chat and that unwavering ATC club spirit was shining bright!!  Coach Mick summed it up perfectly - “So good to meet you all in person again; it’s only going to get better!” πŸ–€πŸ’› #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart  #AthloneTriJuniorClub #iTrainWithAthloneTriClub