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Moving for Mental Health

Our #ATCMovingForMentalHealth initiative has now been ongoing for one month. And we aren’t finished yet.  Such a simple concept, but such an effective and positive outcome. The launch of this initiative back in early January served to encourage our members to keep a focus on their mental health as well as their physical health, and just as importantly to create a space for keeping in touch and staying together as a group. What has fundamentally transpired is a renewed energy amongst members, an environment where every member from beginner to elite is offering and being offered words of encouragement and a clear desire to keep moving and keep active to reap the benefits for our health.  We have reinforced our sense of community, our dedication to inclusivity and our desire to provide a fun, supportive and inspirational environment for all our athletes. What an amazing vision for our club for 2021!  #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub  #ATCMovingForMentalHealth #TrainingTogetherWhileSt