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24H Fund Raiser Challenge

  Please make a small donation if you can using the link below, every € makes a difference! Thanks

️ ⭐ Our Club Vision and Values ⭐

  Our Club Committee are constantly working hard in the background to plan for the year ahead, to bring lots of great challenges, initiatives and training opportunities to all members and to keep Athlone Triathlon Club current, engaging and at the forefront of the Triathlon community in the Midlands. One very important factor in all our efforts, especially in recent times, has been the main vision for our Club and the values which underpin what we strive to achieve. A recent survey of all our Club Members, across all ages and levels, has allowed us to reimagine our purpose and direction not just for the remainder of this year, but for many years to come. By providing our members with the valuable opportunity to have their voices heard and offer feedback, suggestions and opinions, we now have a framework that sets a firm purpose for our Club and a key set of values and principles encapsulating our Club’s identity; which we will endeavour to keep at the heart of everything we do going fo