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⭐️ A Word from our Chairman ⭐

 Dear Members, As we look at beginning another uncertain year I really feel that as a club we have some real reasons to be optimistic.  At the start of 2020, we all had our own individual sport goals that we hoped to achieve and many plans made for training and events. Little did we know that it would dramatically change before it even began, with Covid and the many restrictions that ensued leaving the sporting landscape looking very bleak.  Luckily, however, we are blessed at ATC to have a great committee and two of the very best and most innovative leaders within the sport as our coaches and mentors, who went above and beyond to ensure that it was indeed a year to remember - for all the right reasons. As a club we were more active than ever despite racing being formally cancelled nationwide. We had 20 plus weeks of at home coaching support and a catalogue of events to suit everyone at every level with duathlons, aquabike, triathlons, TT’s, endurance swims and much more, for both juni

Christmas Mile Challenge

This weekend marked the end of our last club challenge for 2020 and what a brilliant end to the year for us!  Following 12 weeks of specific training from Coach Mick and sheer drive and determination from our members, 28 Juniors and Seniors set out throughout this past week to battle the cold conditions, run their fastest mile and record their time in comparison to the current World Records for age and gender. A fantastic but very tough challenge and a unique and diverse standardising of results which opened the playing field up to every single athlete partaking!  With a throwback thought to our first Lockdown activity of 2020 and our Stay at Home Duathlon; it’s very befitting of the current circumstances to see out this Covid year with another incredible “Stay At Home” challenge, more united and more determined as a club than ever before.  Congratulations to all our runners and well done.  🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 👏🏻 ⭐️ #athlonetriathlonclub #athlonetriclub #TrainingTogetherWhileStayingApart #At

Virtual Turbo is here to stay

After recently completing our first ever 10 week block of Virtual Turbo training sessions, with great success and a resounding thumbs up from club members who participated, it looks like Virtual Turbo is here to stay!  Coach Mick Macken shares his thoughts on bringing virtual training to Athlone Triathlon Club and we hear from our Club Members and what they really thought...... “By being unable to travel or train indoors, our popular club turbo session, which was as much a fun social get together as a training workout, was unable to go ahead. It was definitely going to leave a big void in our club activities, and was going to be a huge loss in these dark gloomy evenings over the winter months. We wondered about doing it on line, if we could meet up and see each other and chat face to face, push each other and motivate each other to get the best out of ourselves, all from the safety of our own homes? After a few discussions and trials with John, our I.T. consultant, we took the plunge,

A Word from our Members: David Dolan


A Word from our Members: Declan Kelly


A Word from our Members: John Halpin


A Word from our Members: Esmea Halpin


A Word from our Members: Niamh Fox


A Word from our Members: Lynette Costello


A Word from our Members: Rebecca O'Connor


A Word from our Members: Áine Greene


A Word from our Members: Maureen O'Brien


A Word from our Members: Sinéad Reidy


A Word from our Members: Aoife McDermott


A Word from our Members: Kasia Skowron


A Word from our Members: Ian Hanna


A Word from our Members: Mark Featherstone


Junior Testimonials

Here are some of our Junior members explaining why the like being part of ATC so much!

Spirit of Triathlon awards

Fantastic news this evening at Athlone Triathlon Club!!  Mick and Olivia have both been awarded the Spirit of Triathlon Award this evening by Triathlon Ireland CEO, Darren Coombes.  With an amazing 12 nominations from Club Members, the words and submissions shared not only demonstrated the high regard and respect held for Mick and Olivia within our club, but undoubtedly showed Triathlon Ireland that we have 2 incredibly special people embodying everything that Triathlon stands for and selflessly working to inspire and motivate each and every member to be the best they can be.  Both Mick and Olivia never seek out glory or recognition for what they do, and are at the heart of everything Athlone Triathlon Club stands for and achieves out of sheer dedication and love for what they do.  We hope you all join us in congratulating them on this amazing achievement this evening; there simply isn’t two more deserving winners for this award! "Congratulations again guys. There has never been

ATC Parent Support

  A parent’s contribution in their child’s sport is of paramount importance. It not only provides motivation and support for the child, it also strengthens the connection between parent and child and provides a positive experience that in turn develops the love of sport and fitness even further.  But how about when a parent is able to take part alongside their child? Inspire them, encourage them, and educate them on true sportsmanship. How about when a parent is able to learn from their child? That unwavering determination to keep going and reach for the stars, to have fun and just enjoy their sport!  We are incredibly fortunate at ATC to be able to provide an opportunity for parents and their children to train alongside each other in a positive, fun and safe environment. We are very grateful to have parents who take a firm interest in the club, it’s workings and policies and it’s ability to safeguard these young athletes as they learn their sport and progress through the disciplines.