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Club Gear 2020

Normally we have a club fitting night however due to the restrictions we can’t this year. If anyone is looking for club gear or tri suits see the attached images. Use the size guide below, any questions send me a PM, payment links will be sent by @Laura Kelly , it’ll be first week in feb before they arrive, other items available in the price-list pdf . For sizes check the Kalas Size Guide here

Women in Sport - our 20x20 club commitment

At the beginning of this year, Athlone Triathlon Club proudly registered for the 20x20 charter to #ShowOurStripes for #WomenInSport and pledging to do our bit to support a campaign aiming to increase women’s participation in sport by 20% in 2020. The decision to get involved with this charter was a very easy one for us; simply because we champion and support our female members within our Club at every given opportunity; at our training sessions, at our own club events, during National Tri events and for every single PB or sporting achievement these athletes choose to share with us!  Not only have we 1 of only 8 Triathlon Ireland #BeyondTheFinishLine advocates for women in sport in our coach and club-mate Olivia McCartin, we also proudly have almost 40% of our overall club membership being represented by female athletes, a female Children’s Officer and 3 female Club Committee members.  As we finish out 2020 and look ahead to 2021, we are proud to commit to doing things the way we always

Meet Our Coaches: Mick Macken

  Mick has been involved in Triathlon since 1988, when he began by completing the Dublin City Millennium Triathlon in July ‘88, and just two weeks later, the NCF All Ireland Middle Distance Triathlon in Rosses Point, Sligo. Mick spent a few years racing with The Hole in the Wall Triathlon Club in Dublin where initially his participation in Triathlon as a sport was just a bit of fun and running was his main focus.  It wasn’t long, however, before he caught the Triathlon bug and both training and racing became more serious. Mick had his first major success in 2003 when he won the National Veterans Championship in Ballyronan. The year 2004 saw the introduction of age group competition, and since then Mick has won 40 gold age group medals in Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon in both Championships and National Series and across all distances. Mick has completed 6 Ironman distance events since his inaugural Ironman race in Benone Beach in Derry in 2000 and he took the Gold Medal in the World

Meet Our Coaches: Olivia McCartin

  Olivia first became involved in triathlon about 8 years ago, where she started as a complete beginner with little or no experience of swimming or cycling. She quickly became very proficient at the sport and it wasn't long before she started winning tri-a-tri events, and eventually becoming competitive as an age grouper.  In recent years, Olivia has become one of the best and most recognised female athletes in the country. Her successes include 2nd place overall in the 2018 Duathlon National Series as well as winning her age group, and multiple gold medals in triathlon and duathlon in both National Championships and National Series over the last 5 years.  In 2019, Olivia completed her debut Full Ironman event, taking on the fearsome Ironman Lanzarote, and with no previous experience at this distance finished an amazing 5th place in her category.  Olivia is very modest about her performances, and has an immense passion for both the sport of Triathlon and those taking part in it. Sh

Junior Club

 This week, we are putting a very well deserved spotlight on our Junior Club and it’s incredibly talented members! Currently boasting 33 young athletes, this section of our club is firmly setting it’s foot in the sport of Triathlon in Ireland and is shining very bright. The Junior Club was established in 2017 following expressed interest by many club members to have their children partake in club activities and training. Coach Olivia was instrumental in the Junior Club set-up and has worked tirelessly to create an outlet for our young athletes to train in a fun, professional and highly encouraging environment. Olivia’s efforts has allowed the club to run Junior sessions concurrently with the adult member training sessions, not only providing the opportunity for parents and children to train together and nurture that bond through sport, but also for adults and juniors to inspire each other, learn from each other and challenge each other. Our Junior Athletes, aged from 10-19, train with

A look back at “Get Men Moving”

As we start the month of November, and the national focus on Men’s Health and Well-Being comes to the forefront, we proudly look back on our “Get Men Moving” event from earlier this year. A very successful initiative that encouraged men in our locality, from varying age groups and abilities, to focus on their health and fitness  and take on a training regime which would prepare them for their first Triathlon Event. Our participants included complete beginners, triathletes returning to training following years of inactivity, and returning club members. But collectively, a group of men, with a solid interest in the sport of Triathlon, committed to bettering their health and motivated to engage fully with the training that they would undertake.  The 6 week training programme, headed up by our highly experienced and motivated coaches Mick & Olivia, involved specific training sessions 3 nights a week covering each of the Triathlon Disciplines - Swim, Run and Bike - and challenged each p