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I TRI'D Beginners Triathlon Race

Welcome to Athlone Triathlon Clubs first pool based triathlon which is being held in Ballinasloe Coral Leisure Swimming Pool on May 5th. This race has been designed with beginner triathletes in mind.
The swim, which is often a triathlon beginners  most difficult discipline is set in a nice warm swimming pool, where we will have two lifeguards on duty. There will be 6 swimmers per lane and it is expected that you will be capable of swimming 16 lengths/400m in 20 minutes. If you think you can achieve this or even just about read on...
Bike is on a flat course and will be well marshaled. The distance is 16km and is on an out and back course. 8km out and 8km back in.
O.K so you've made it this far- you have made it back into transition where people will be cheering you on. The bike is racked and you get on with running 1.5 km out and back. All on footpaths and again there will be marshals. You make it back to the finish line where you can catch your breath and feel like a hero for completing your first triathlon!
This promises to be a really fun event. Sign up as soon as you can on to be sure you get a place.
This race is also chipped timed, which means you will get to see how long it took you to swim 400m(Hopefully under 20min) , you will get a time for cycling 16km, a time for running 3km, and you will also get a T-shirt as a reminder of your first triathlon.

Look forward to seeing you on May 5th