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IM Mallorca Race Report by Derek Nugent

”This was my first attempt at the full Ironman distance. I'd studiously been avoiding it for the longest number of years (edit -decades), the price coupled with the distances involved were for a long time prohibitive for me. I was busy with other disciplines and distances and wanted to get them mastered properly but look, eventually, the time came to go at the Ironman. I'd been moving towards longer work with the past few years return to the middle distances so I'd felt it was time to give the distance its due.  It was the longest finish line I've ever had to run at and I was mighty pleased to see it. I was so glad it was over. I was fist pumping and smiling and just so glad and relieved I'd made it.” The challenge of the Ironman finish lines in 2022 has begun for many of our club members and over the coming weeks and months we have so many event attempts and friends to support and cheer on!  First up, our huge congratulations to club member Derek Nugent for his rec