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A look back at “Get Men Moving”

As we start the month of November, and the national focus on Men’s Health and Well-Being comes to the forefront, we proudly look back on our “Get Men Moving” event from earlier this year. A very successful initiative that encouraged men in our locality, from varying age groups and abilities, to focus on their health and fitness  and take on a training regime which would prepare them for their first Triathlon Event.

Our participants included complete beginners, triathletes returning to training following years of inactivity, and returning club members. But collectively, a group of men, with a solid interest in the sport of Triathlon, committed to bettering their health and motivated to engage fully with the training that they would undertake. 

The 6 week training programme, headed up by our highly experienced and motivated coaches Mick & Olivia, involved specific training sessions 3 nights a week covering each of the Triathlon Disciplines - Swim, Run and Bike - and challenged each participant to push the boundaries and train at a high standard. Some of these participants were unable to swim, or run any distance, or had little to no experience cycling. Some of these participants were past Triathletes who were away from training for so long, they needed to shake off the rust and start from scratch. 

They did reach that end goal and completed a very successful first attempt at a Triathlon event. These men completed a 200m pool swim, a 30min turbo cycle and a 3km run following those 6 weeks. They committed themselves fully, engaged in sometimes gruelling training sessions, listened to and followed their coaching instruction and used steely determination to put in the hard work. They showed up for themselves and their health! 

We were delighted to welcome some of these participants to the club as full time members, who now regularly train with our coaches and have truly caught the Triathlon Bug!

As the Movember campaign takes centre-stage this month, we invite all those with an honest interest in the sport of triathlon, beginners with the drive and determination to train at a high standard and any current or former Triathletes in the locality looking for the support of a club and highly qualified coaches to get in touch today and take control!! We don’t promise that it will be easy, but we guarantee it will be worth it! 

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