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ATC Parent Support


A parent’s contribution in their child’s sport is of paramount importance. It not only provides motivation and support for the child, it also strengthens the connection between parent and child and provides a positive experience that in turn develops the love of sport and fitness even further. 

But how about when a parent is able to take part alongside their child? Inspire them, encourage them, and educate them on true sportsmanship. How about when a parent is able to learn from their child? That unwavering determination to keep going and reach for the stars, to have fun and just enjoy their sport! 

We are incredibly fortunate at ATC to be able to provide an opportunity for parents and their children to train alongside each other in a positive, fun and safe environment. We are very grateful to have parents who take a firm interest in the club, it’s workings and policies and it’s ability to safeguard these young athletes as they learn their sport and progress through the disciplines. We pride ourselves on our partnership with parents and look forward to building on it even more in 2021. 

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