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Spirit of Triathlon awards

Fantastic news this evening at Athlone Triathlon Club!! 

Mick and Olivia have both been awarded the Spirit of Triathlon Award this evening by Triathlon Ireland CEO, Darren Coombes. 

With an amazing 12 nominations from Club Members, the words and submissions shared not only demonstrated the high regard and respect held for Mick and Olivia within our club, but undoubtedly showed Triathlon Ireland that we have 2 incredibly special people embodying everything that Triathlon stands for and selflessly working to inspire and motivate each and every member to be the best they can be. 

Both Mick and Olivia never seek out glory or recognition for what they do, and are at the heart of everything Athlone Triathlon Club stands for and achieves out of sheer dedication and love for what they do. 

We hope you all join us in congratulating them on this amazing achievement this evening; there simply isn’t two more deserving winners for this award!

"Congratulations again guys. There has never been two people as deserving of this recognition. You guys are the absolute heart and soul of the club. It was great to see the club coming together to show you just how grateful we are with these nominations.

It was truly amazing how you managed to bring out the very best in us all this year under some very challenging circumstances. 

Due to the current climate it had to be done on a smaller scale than you deserved but hopefully we can all come together and celebrate with you guys before too long." Gerald Lynch