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⭐️ A Word from our Chairman ⭐

 Dear Members,

As we look at beginning another uncertain year I really feel that as a club we have some real reasons to be optimistic. 

At the start of 2020, we all had our own individual sport goals that we hoped to achieve and many plans made for training and events. Little did we know that it would dramatically change before it even began, with Covid and the many restrictions that ensued leaving the sporting landscape looking very bleak. 

Luckily, however, we are blessed at ATC to have a great committee and two of the very best and most innovative leaders within the sport as our coaches and mentors, who went above and beyond to ensure that it was indeed a year to remember - for all the right reasons. As a club we were more active than ever despite racing being formally cancelled nationwide. We had 20 plus weeks of at home coaching support and a catalogue of events to suit everyone at every level with duathlons, aquabike, triathlons, TT’s, endurance swims and much more, for both junior and seniors. This allowed our members to try new events and distances, improve on skills within the 3 disciplines and even set some PB’s under no pressure in a safe and welcoming environment. Looking back now a lot of us probably took part in more events this year than any other year before.

I have always been proud to be part of this club, but this year, even more than others, I have been extremely proud to see what we can achieve in the most uncertain times. We came together to create an inclusive environment, full of growth and support and we achieved amazing things and the year was capped off perfectly as we saw our two amazing coaches awarded joint winners of the esteemed Spirit of Triathlon Award for the first time. 

Our Club Committee are proactive and innovative and eager to see what we can do to build on a great 2020. Our aim is to keep the focus on you our members and to support you as much as we can as we weave our way through 2021 and our sporting journeys.  We have the very best coaches at the heart of all we do and who are completely dedicated to us as a group. There are already great plans being developed to keep us all active and fit and a calendar of events to keep us engaged within guidelines and restrictions whether our official racing resumes or not.

I really do believe that our Club dynamic has played and will continue to play a vital role in not just our physical health but also our mental health and it will help us to put our best foot forward both as individuals and as a group. 

So as we peer through our fingers into another uncertain year, I really am looking forward to seeing what we can achieve. I have no doubt that together, we can realise our personal aims and turn our efforts into great achievements this year.

On behalf of the entire committee, I want to wish you all a Very Happy and Safe New Year. May all you sporting goals come true in 2021. 

Yours in sport, 

Gerald Lynch

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