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⭐️ What’s the Point? ⭐️

This week marks one year since the words “stay at home”, “lockdown” and “restrictions” were introduced into our lives. It’s meant many adaptations to our routines and way of living and it has undoubtedly been a difficult year for so many reasons. 

Since beginning 2021, with quiet hope for “normal” returning and eventually making it back to that precious race start line, our focus as a club has been on our members and keeping them engaged, active, connected and as motivated as we can.

Recently, a member shared their thoughts on their current journey and finding it hard to locate that motivation to get out and train. This member found themselves asking the question “what’s the point”. (Sounds familiar right?!) 

Fast forward a few hours, and our member’s chat is alive with similar thoughts and stories being shared and spoken about and a general realisation that “it’s not just me”! 

BUT! Perhaps most importantly, we discovered “the point”. 

Plain and simply? Because we can! Because we motivate each other to get it done. Because we can’t deny that feel good factor when we finish that training session. Because we know we are lucky to be able to do what we do. 

Because we are Triathletes! 

Next time we feel ourselves asking “what’s the point” - let’s own that thought, push through it and rediscover that reason why! Because there is always a point!

Enjoy the week ahead and keep on keeping on! 💪🏻🖤💛

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