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Motivated for March

Our first day of March! A new month and a new initiative for our members! 

This month, we are reaching out to those of you who we haven’t seen at training in a little while; whatever the reason ☺️ It can be difficult to make that comeback when you’ve been away for a time. It can be hard to show up when you feel you are stuck in a little training rut. It can be tough to restart the engine when you’ve lost your motivation. 

But your club is here to help!! And we want to give you that gentle nudge to start again today! 

This month, we invite you to get “Motivated for March” ….. and come back to training! Reconnect with your club mates, rediscover what it is you love about triathlon and find that motivation to train again! Even if it’s just one session a week to begin with ☺️

Why not come along to track this evening and start the month as you mean to go on!! You’ll be glad you did 🤗 

Looking forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces back this month 💪🏻

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