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Mondello 24h Cycle Challenge

 Starting at 12 noon tomorrow, 8 of our incredible members begin a 24hr endurance cycling challenge around the famed international race track at Mondello. Cycling right through the night and on to mid-day on Sunday, our ATC team will relay around the track, and work together to share the distance until the finish line. Only one rider on the track at a time.  A carefully thought out roster to follow. Orchestrating pit changeovers, rests, nutrition, a pitch black race track and whatever the weather brings. And relying on each other for motivation and support. 

….. and we’ve no doubt they are gonna smash every minute of this challenge!! 

Wishing Lynette, Robbie, Brian, Laoighse, Josh, Aoife, Karen and Toine the best of luck! May the track be fast, may the kms be kind and may the craic be absolutely 90 🖤💛💪🏻

Well, we did it! And our team came 2nd in the mixed team section!

Click here for the full photo album

And a short compilation video...